Old Memories in Learning English 2

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Photo by Matthias Groeneveld on Pexels.com

One day at a Reading Group

When I was in the second year of my graduate school, one professor organized a reading group in lunch time several times a week. I tried to go there as possible as I can.

Thinking back, I do not study English hard at that time, I learn Russian every day and read some Russian books there. Though I do not have specific reason, I liked learning it. As time went by, my Russian slowly but gradually improved, and I got the level enough to read Japanese news in Russian at that time.

At the reading group, attendance was not obligatory, but we were supposed to share what we read and thought at the end of the time. I showed the book above and said my Russian gradually getting better and now I can type and read some Russian. I can even understand news if I use dictionary.

The professor said seriously, well that’s good. I am not sure what you are going to do in your career, but I would love to tell you this; you should keep your Russian. Also, if you become a teacher I suppose you use Japanese in your workplace (he knew I wanted to be an elementary school teacher), thus you should get other “inputs” all in English.

Time flies and I feel embarrassed how little I follow his advice. I do not keep Russian and I do not often read in English neither. But surprisingly, just like points are connected, now I read English almost every day. I even listen to audiobooks in English. Just it took so long time. Well, four years are not so long in my life. Life is very unpredictable. So what happens next?

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