Going to a Movie Theater to Watch a Movie

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I went to the movie on Sunday for the first time in about two years. I watched the movie, Slam Dunk. To write too much would be spoil the movie and I do not write about the content itself. I first read Slam Dunk when I was in junior high school, and I have loved it ever since. I still remember every match vividly.
When I heard that it had been made into a movie under the supervision of the original author, Masahiko Inoue, I wanted to go see it when it came out.
However, it is strange that I had not been in the habit of going to see movies. I had forgotten how excited I was when I first heard the news and it had passed, and then I realized that it had been released. Still, it didn’t change my mind about wanting to go see it, so I went to see it. Fortunately or unfortunately, it had been a while since the release of the movie, so I was able to enter without much crowd.
I felt that the tempo of the movie was quite fast, as the matches were included into the two-hour movie, plus the portrayal of characters who were not focused on in the original story. Even so, I felt that the film was condensed, with many of the detailed descriptions that were in the original manga being shown on the screen.
I usually watch movies at double speed. This is because I want to obtain information while saving time. However, I was concerned about whether I was absorbing the information properly because I was only looking at it from a “consumption” point of view. When I see a movie in a theater like this one, in addition to the cost, I have to pay a considerable cost to see it, considering the time it takes to travel to the theater. Even with that in mind, I was very satisfied with the film, and even more so, I would like to see more films in the future.

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