Newspaper and Memories in Childhood

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As I wrote a few days ago, I discussed media in class at school. The first mass-media they learn is newspapers. It seems few students have newspapers at home now.
When I was a child, it was different and most houses still got newspapers every morning. I remember the class where the teacher talked about newspapers. He said, “newspapers have many articles, such as society, economics and entertainment. Newspapers do never only consist of TV programs and four-frame cartoons.” We, all students, laughed, because that is exactly what many of us do in the morning. At that time, we needed to check TV schedules mainly by newspaper because data broadcasting had not started yet. Plus, TV was the mainstream for children to follow for entertainment.
Now, it has changed apparently. Most kids do not read newspapers. It is not necessary for them to watch TV everyday because they can access videos or animations via YouTube. Some of them do not watch TV at all and spend time watching YouTube or online games. I felt nostralgic.

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