Lesson Reflection on May 27th

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
Photo by Gustavo Borges on Pexels.com

Looking back on my lessons, now San’in Guitar Competition is over, I have been continuing with my regular practice routine. I have completed the entire set of Sor’s study collection, Opus 60, and now I plan to focus on Carcassi’s study pieces. Carcassi’s studies seem to be at a good intermediate to advanced beginner level.

This time, it was my first experience San’in Guitar Competition I started with Study No. 6, where the emphasis is on right-hand mute and bringing out the two melodies clearly. During the lesson, I received advice specifically on connecting the melodies. I worked on properly connecting the high melodic notes, such as the transition from E to C, and reconsidered the balance of volume between the two melodies. I also realized that there were many areas where smoother performance could be achieved by reevaluating fingerings.

Since it has been about a week since I started practicing Carcassi’s studies, the lesson focused mainly on technical aspects. For the next lesson, I want to prepare myself to have discussions on musical structure and expression. Specifically, I would like to work on practicing the technically challenging sections in a more detailed and repetitive manner, aiming to perform them smoothly. I also want to think about the dynamics of the sound and approach the next lesson with my own ideas in that regard.

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