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In winter, I often suffer from chilblain, shimoyake. For me, it happens every year when it gets cold, so it’s a normal thing, but I wondered how to express it in English.

At times like this, English words just don’t come out, because I have never learned or heard these words at schools or wordlists. When I looked it up on several websites, it seemed to be translated as “frostbite”. However, some English speaking friends of mine told me that this word is not very familiar, and they did not get it. Also, sites which show frostbite are issued in Japan, so I don’t know if it can be said to be common in English-speaking countries.

When I looked for some other terms, I also found something called “Chilblain”. I also found many websites that introduce symptoms, causes, and treatment methods in English. I think this term is more common.

Looking at the English site, I found that Chilblain’s cause was not clear. It seems that it is important to prevent it by wearing gloves and keeping warm. I hope it gets better soon because it makes it inconvenient to play the guitar and type.

Chilblains - Symptoms and causes
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