Trapezoid Fomula

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teach all subjects. At my school,  all teachers are supposed to show their classes at least once a year and I opened an arithmetic class with teachers of the same grade. The content was trapezoid and its formula.

Area of Trapezoid Formula

Area of the trapezoid formula can be defined as A = ½ (a + b) h in English.  Surely, it is the same in Japan but the order is different.  In Japan, it can be taught A = (a + b) h ½.  I have heard that we should care about teaching its order too. Thus, it can be expressed not h(a + b) but (a + b) h, though the result is the same.  I wonder where the difference comes from.

Area of Trapezoid - Formula, Examples, Definition, Derivation

Teaching Material 

Under the GIGA school project going on currently, there are many free and accessible online materials issued by Japanese BOEs. A coworker of mine suggested a nice one from Kumamoto prefecture.  It is easy to use and all students enjoyed using it, including those who are in special need. 

Even people who do not understand Japanese, I think, can be use this material to get concepts of areas of polygons.

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