Understanding Myself

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Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

When it gets cold or I have many things to do, I tend to suffer from diarrhea.  It started when I started working I believe and I once saw a doctor to ask about the symptoms.  He said to me it is your nature and take care, and prescribed some herbal medicine.  It did not work soon and it took about a week to fully recover.  Since the stomachache is not that painful and bearable, I did not think about asking for a second opinion. 

Around the end of year, however, it did not get better as usual.  Actually, I was worried that it would gradually get worse. I googled and I wondered if I may have irritable bowel syndrome (IBR).  On the sites, it seemed that its common treatments are having a healthy lifestyle; sleeping, eating, and drinking.  That is similar tips with the one I have already got.

Anyways, it is inconvenient to work again after winter break if my stomach keeps irritating.  I went to see another doctor to seek a second opinion. He pointed out that considering you are suffering with bowel irritation, you can be diagnosed with IBR.  IBR sounds “too serious” for me but the following words the doctor told me made me relieved; more or less many people suffer from physical/mental problems when they are stressed.  In your case, it often happens to your bowel, and previously it was regarded as “weak bowel”.  And he prescribed herbal medicine and a tablet I take only when my bowel irritates.  

I learned that changing words sometimes change the perspective too, “IBR” vs “weak bowel”.  It is me and I just need to understand myself to deal with stress.

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