Teaching Home Economics

person sewing English
Photo by Leticia Ribeiro on Pexels.com

Since I am a fifth grade homeroom teacher, there is a chance to teach home economics to students though I do not have to currently because another teacher has that class instead of me. 

However, due to a position change for some reason, I might have to teach home economics from the third term.  I am really scared of it honestly.  

Actually last week, the teacher was absent and I had to have the make-up home economics class.  In the class, my students were making their own aprons using sewing machines. Even though I have used a sewing machine in my life, teaching is different from doing it myself.  It was really difficult and I found I needed to learn how to teach and make lesson plans more precisely. 

On the weekend, I accidentally found a teaching book for sewing on home economics classes at the library I go to every week. I just glanced at the book and haven’t finished reading it yet, but I felt it should be pretty useful.  It will be a nice experience for me hopefully.

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