A Japanese Game: Look this way (あっちむいてほい)

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Photo by lil artsy on Pexels.com

In the English club at school, I played “Look this way!” with students. This is あっちむいてほい in Japanese and all Japanese people know the game. The ALT of my school did not know this game and it may be popular only in Japan.

Rule: How to Play

Two people joins this game. If there are many people, make pairs to play this game.

Do Janken

First, two people do janken, saying “rock-scissors and paper.”

Winner indicates one direction, saying “Look this way!”

Winner indicates one direction, using his/her finger. Usually, he/she indicates one direction from up, down, right and left. He/She says “Look this way” while pointing the direction.

Loser turn his/her face among the four ways. If the direction matches, the janken winner wins the game and if not, restart from janken.

Keep doing the two steps until one wins the game.

To play this game, we need to prepare nothing. Once studnets get the rules and how to say in English, they can engage in the game only in English. Strongly recommended.

It should be fun if teachers make tornamants.

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