Fishing For the First Time in Japan

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My cowerker invited going fishing. I thought it was for the first time in my life but I realized I went once while I studied in the US when I was writing this post.

Thus I reupdated this title of this artcle into fishing for the first time in Japan but it also my first time fishing in the sea.

We left our places around 7am and went to Japan sea. We bought tools and prays to fish and started fishing. My collegue taught me how to fish and what I should buy.

We did sabiki fishing to get horse mackerels. It seems sabiki fishing is one Japanese way.


I got one horse mackerel.

In thie afternoon, we went to the coast and tried different fishing. I got Sillaginidae. Like I posted an article that fish name in English is difficult when I went to a sushi restaurant, it is so challenging to know and tell what I get in the langauge.

キス (魚) - Wikipedia
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