Online Wedding Ceremony

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New Style of Wedding

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Last Sunday, I attended an online wedding ceremony of my senior friend.  I was not invited at first but another senior friend of mine suggested me to come to his house since it is held online.  It was first time for me to attend an online wedding and it was interesting.  The senior friend, a friend of mine and I, three of us, got together at the senior friend’s house and saw the wedding.

It was mixed wedding both traditional and online.  I saw many people cerebrating the couple at the wedding place through screen and there were about 40 people observing online.  I wondered this mixed ceremony might become standard in the near future.

Seeing Old Friends

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The wedding was for my senior friend of my university.  I met him at the classical guitar club.  He invited all of his alumni.  I haven’t seen most of them since they graduated from university and I couldn’t believe that five years have already passed.  I was so happy seeing and talked with them.  We enjoyed talking and remembered old memories a lot.  I felt it was great to see old friends once in a while.  Though it gets easier to keep in touch due to new technologies, I do not often contact with old friends.  Life may go that way but still I would love to catch up with them.








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