No one says but I know

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I had my car maintenance at a car dealer last weekend. There is a body composition analyzer at the shop and every customers can check their body for free while waiting for the maintenance.

My weight does not change a lot, but the body fat percentage got much higher. I do know that I have less time to workout but I did not think about that because no one said to me. Well, from my appearance I guess it does not change a lot. Still, I cannot disagree or make any excuses I do my best.

What was the most shocking to me was the “athlete” indicator. It shows how athletically good a person is, and I had been more than 75. It means like a good athlete level. This time, it was 65, a bit better than standard level.

I need more workout…

I wish I could post everything positive here, but in reality not always goes well. I will try to re-build up.

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