Going to sushi restaurant

sushi on brown wooden board English
Photo by Rajesh TP on Pexels.com

I went to a sushi restaurant with a foreign friend of mine. It was challenging to know the names of fish in English.


There are many terms of fish which I did not know, such as yellow tall and sea bream.

It is a good practice to know there words, changing the setting of tablet into English when we get to sushi routatable restaurant.

Also, some seasonings are difficult to explain. I hand no idea what oba is.


Japanese tradtional food

I had oden when I got there. Oden is also Japanese food and need to explain what it was.

Oden - Wikipedia

A funny video of sushi

It is one of a comedy but you can learn Japanese sushi restaurant with this video below. I got it when I was in college and enjoyed watching with them with international friends.

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