Reschedule for TOEFL iBT

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I was planning to take TOEFL iBT test on February 12th. Given the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, however, I changed the appointment to 20th at a different province. I will be the first and last chance for me to take before the application I am interested in.

Reschedule for TOEFL iBT

Test takers can change the test date and location before the test only once. Though it costs $60 (not cheap), but it gives them a chance not to give up taking the test on the date.

I planned to take the test on 12th, February, but the sixth wave of COVID pandemic is more serious than I thought. I work as a teacher and thinking the negative influence to my students and co-workers, I decided not to take TOEFL on 12th, mostly due to its location.

Still, I need to get its score to show my English proficiency to an institute I am interested in within a month. I checked the alternative date and there was a “better” option, at a closer test center on 20th February. There were no seat available when I register the test in January. I guess other test takers gave up taking the test in February by similar reasons like me.

There was no choice for me, not to change the test date. The reschedule fee is not cheap as I mentioned above, but it is a “better” decision.

Additional One Week

Now I have additional one week to take the test. I want to spend the time as effective as I can. Last weekend, I was very physically tired (or just lazy nature?) I did not do even a little to prepare for.

I enrolled in two online courses for TOEFL iBT and am going to complete them this weekend. I have done most of it for one of them, the official online course. It provides an opportunity to take practice tests of scored speaking and writing sections. Before answering those questions, I would like to complete another one, Udemy course, because it teaches tactics for the test.

Closer Test Center

I have taken TOEFL iBT several times at the closer test center. It makes me feel less stressed. The place is close to a shinkansen station and closer from my current place.

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