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I downloaded Kiwi Browser to my Android in order to activate extensions even in my smartphone. So far, it is quite comfortable and I really like it.


I had been eager to speed up the speed of Youtube and other videos in my smartphone for a long time. Though official Youtube app allows me to speed up 2x, I wished I could make it much faster, like 3x to 4x.

I have Speed Up in my Chrome and it is really helpful to me. It can speed up almost all video files online up to 5x and I don’t watch videos or Youtube without it.

SpeedUp: Netflix, Prime videos
Controls the speed for online streaming for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Twitch, Reddit and ALL others.

Listening to Audiobook in English

To study English and to improve my English, I wondered it should work listening to Audiobook in English. I have been listening to audiobooks in 3-4x speed in Japanese and I do understand what the narrator says. It might be great practice if I could understand 2x or so speeded Audiobook in English as well.

I found some audiobook files on Youtube and I tried listening to them in 2x speed. Surprisingly, I soon get used to it and understand! It must be a great way listening to them while I drive to work.

Kiwi Browser with Google Chrome Extensions

The only and last issue was how to listen to Youtube in 3x or 4x speed with my smartphone. To make it possible, I had to activate Google Chrome extension in my device. I wondered I could buy wireless headphones and use my laptop to listen to the files but it is unrealistic, because I have to turn my laptop on every time I drive.

I googled and thanks to the bloggers in Japan, I found a solution; that is, “Kiwi Browser.”

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet - Google Play のアプリ

Now my commuting life has changed so many ways and I can’t think driving without it.

To my surprise, I do not find many articles writing about speed listening in English. I found more in Japanese and wondered not so many people listen to audiobooks in 2-3x speed in English…

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