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I have been listening to audiobooks using for two years. to offers included option for 880 yen. It is very reasonable and I have read more than 200 books on the site. At first I listened to books up to 3 times faster than usual but gradually I got used to listening to books faster and now I listen to them 4 times faster.

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To improve my English, I decided to move to Audible, which is presented American Amazon. I never thought I could reach out American serves but apparently it is possible. I feel a bit uncomfortable to move a new place, but I think I have listened a lot in Japanese and it is time to start something new.

【Audible聴き放題】英語音声のオーディオブックおすすめ洋書・教材22選 | 洋書多聴ブログ
Audibleで聴き放題サービスが開始!洋書はアメリカで聴き放題となっている「Audible Plus Catalog」のオーディオブックとほぼ共通です。日本のAudible限定で聴き放題対象になっている作品を含むおすすめの英語教材や、 聴き放題対象のオーディオブックを探す方法を紹介します。


There are several ways to speedup audio files. When I watch YouTube on my smart phone, I use Kiwi browser and works some extensions to speed up.

SpeedUp: Netflix, Prime videos
Controls the speed for online streaming for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Twitch, Reddit and ALL others.
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