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I have known that my blog is not so reader-friendly, due to not well-ordered category. My first trial is to start this blog and I did not have enough orientation and organized skills. I have not decided what I mainly write neither. Since five month has passed after I started writing here, it was a nice chance to upload the menu. So far, there are about 130 posts here. Seeing them, I write mainly about school education and my hobbies. Topic itself is not so different from I was planning but I did not have enough skills to use WordPress. I read some articles on other blogs and books, and updated the categories. Still I have not finished categorization of all articles so you will probably find more articles when you visit next time.


Foreign Languages
You can find my posts written in different languages. At first, I wrote only in English and then started writing in Japanese and English, using Google Translate. A friend of mine helped me with translating some articles in Russian. Few posts are written in Spanish for the Spanish proficiency test.

School and Education
This is the biggest column of my blog. I worked at a junior high school and now work at an elementary school. I write various posts here associated with school and education, in particular, elementary school, English education, ICT and work hacks. Most likely, posts here should be written in Japanese. I am wondering if I write school systems in Japan in English someday.
Also, “with files” category has visitors find files I shared easier.

I love playing the classical guitar, learning new language, and reading. (I also love workout but not planning write a lot right now.) I study to get certifications too. I may write in English for those things.

English Writing

Updating the menu tags using categories, I found that I have not been writing in English for a while. Actually, more than 90% of the visitors of this blog are Japanese people. Apparently, they want to see the files I made and share here, especially excel files are popular. Still, I would love to welcome visitors all over the world and enjoy reading my posts. So I am going to keep writing articles in English as well in my own words. Google Translate is an excellent service and it translated into almost perfect English, but it may be a bit different from what humans write. As a teacher and person who love learning other language, I would love to think much of the importance of writing by myself.