Two Days before TOEIC Test

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Two days before taking the TOEIC test.  This time, I will briefly write about TOEIC, the actual score of Japanese junior high school English teachers, and my own study method.


TOEIC L & R is a test that is often taken in Asian countries including Japan to test communication skills in English.  With a maximum score of 990, there are reading and listening parts.  TOEIC also provides speaking and writing, but TOEIC L & R is more famous.  This time I will take TOEIC L & R.

About the score of Japanese junior high school English teachers

Though the accurate score is not published, I guess that about 40% of JTEs reach 730 points.  According to the “English Education Implementation Status Survey,” 38% of junior high school teachers answered that their English skills are higher than B1 rank of the CEFR standard.  This is roughly about TOEIC 730 points.  However, although I have answered this survey myself, it is not necessary to show a certificate.  Thus, it is possible to answer with the score which was already expired, so I cannot say that it is accurate.  Weekly magazines also show that the average score was 560 in a local city.  It’s hard for public school teachers to have time to improve their English, so that’s why … It might not be false.

My study method

For this exam, I joined the “Study Sup”.  It costs about 3,000 yen a month.  Since I joined at the end of December, I have been able to continue every day for two months.  I could only do it for about 15 minutes when I was too busy, but I am confident that I could continue anyways.

I would like to write my impressions of the study supplement someday, but I personally think that shadowing and dictation every day was very effective.

I will do my best in the test so that I can get more than 900 points.

Today, I tried a new way of writing, Japanese first and translates into English.  I thought from English to Japanese is more accurate.  Probably because Japanese language is more flexible.  It was interesting.




TOEIC L&Rは日本をはじめ,アジア諸国でよく受験されている,英語のコミュニケーション能力を図るテストです。990点満点で,リーディングとリスニングパートがあります。スピーキングとライティングが含まれたものもありますが,TOEIC L&Rほどの受験者はいません。今回私が受験するのも,TOEIC L&Rです。










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