HSK Grade 3

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I took Grade 3 of HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) in December. I passed it and received the Score Report today.

Grade 3

According to HSK, Grade 3 shows B1 level of CEFR. It means I can speak, read and listen to basic level of Chinese.

The test was composed of three parts; Listening, Reading and Writing. Grade 3 is the first HSK test among all grades, which have Writing section.

For Japanese Learners

For Japanese learners, we have special advantages to learn Chinese. That is we chare common basic knowledge of kanji. We can assume the meanings when we read Chinese. If we use the knowledge effectively, the burden of learning Chinese will be much lighter.

Also, grammatical structures are often similar with English. As you have known, English is almost mandatory to learn Japanese school system. We can convey its sense as well.

Unfortunately, pronunciation is often very different. So still Japanese learners have to learn how to pronounce each letters.

Score Report

This is the Score Report I got today. Unlike Grade 1 and 2, my photo is printed on the report. In the percentile score, 80% of test takers passed this time.

I got 86/100 in Listening, 100/100 in Reading, 77/100 in Writing, respectively. I guess now I can read some Chinese but I need more experience to speak in the language. I am wondering when I take the next grade but most likely I will try within 2022.

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