Valentine’s Day in Japan

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How Valentine’s Day is Like in Japan

Valentine’s day is coming tomorrow.  In Japan, girls usually send chocolates to boys, unlike other countries.  Then boys return chocolates or candies to girls on “White Day,” March 14th. White day is unique only in Japan. I used to feel a bit “unfair” with this tradition because boys should “wait” for girls to give chocolates.  It means boys lose one opportunity to approach girls!  It seems Valentine’s day is changing these days, but still mainly girls send things to boys.

At School

In Japanese schools, it is not regarded “appropriate” to bring chocolate as schools.  Also, given not all students get gifts from girls, teachers do not want to make the event very obvious.  Since it is natural for teenagers to get interested in others, it is hard to decide very strict rules against valentine’s day.  I personally want to make it well; like giving chocolate at a park or on their way back home, so that others do not disturb couples.

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Fun Videos Describing Japanese Valentine’s Culture

I found two interesting three-minute videos describing Japanese valentines.  It put many interesting “facts?” of the event.  I was surprised that 20% of chocolate might be consumed for valentine’s day.  Also it was really interesting that “the man should return the gift multiplied by three.”  According to the first video, the average price of “homnei choco (true feelings chocolate)” is 3000yen.  So the man should return something cost 10,000 yen…?


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