Classical Guitar Practice

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
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Recording of My Playing

Every Saturday, I take online classical guitar lessons.  For the lesson, I bought the new microphone which my teacher recommended.  This is it, “Zoom H1n.”

New microphone is quite good and sounds get more clear and deeper.  I was so happy and I recorded my playing.  One is “Lagrima.”  This is simple but nice song, and we can get relaxed listening to the song.  It is often played from beginners to professional guitarists.


Now I am practicing “Asturias” to perform in an exhibition in July.  Today, my teacher gave me so useful advice and my playing gets better.  This song has many difficult phrases and I will keep practicing and perhaps post my progress again here. If you play it 3x faster, it sounds like a professional!


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