Old Memories of Learning English

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As I wrote down last week, I will write myself like an essay in English posts here.

One Comment from High School English Teacher

I cannot forget the comment from my English teacher when I was a high school student. I was the third grader at that time and wrote English short writing every day to prepare for the entrance examination for a university.

I forgot the topic itself but it required to write my idea in 100-150 words in English. Most likely, it was to write whether or not we can stop global warming or whether English should be taught from elementary school. I mean it was a controversial topic and they want to see if I can write “some” English.

The comment was like that; there are not so many Japanese people who can logically convey their own thought in second language and thus you should write “easy” English so that readers can understand. It was an encouragement and practical advise to me, telling that I do not have to write/ think “too seriously”.

As I teach English now, I agree with his comment in some sense, given that I had to take an important exam in two weeks. Still, I felt shocked and thought I wanted to be more fluent in English.

I wish I could express everything I want to in other languages. Though the day has not come yet.

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