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My Impression to the Article Viewing English Education in Japan Skeptically

These days I spend more time reading English articles about education in Japan. I coincidentally found a very interestin...

Implementation of New Course of Study

Now I am struggling with preparing for it and I will write about it shortly.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

In Japan, girls usually send chocolates to boys, unlike other countries. Then boys return chocolates or candies to girls on “White Day,” March 14th.

Extracurricular Activities

extracurricular activities is unique school system in Japan. A Japanese teacher write reality of the activity in English.

Career Education at a Public Junior High School

My School Currently I teach second graders of a junior high school in Japan. Maybe it sounds familiar to you, saying eig...

Interesting Article Introducing Japanese High Schools No.2

At School Once at school, the students usually enter an area full of small lockers in which they place their street shoe...

Impression of the article about Japanese teachers

I like my job after all.

A Training of How to Use Chromebook

Under GIGA, Global Innovation Gateway for All, School Program, Japanese schools are going to be equipped tablets for eac...

School System in Japan

Abstract I work at a junior high school and at a final step of mandatory education. Mandatory education is from elementa...

Hands-on Training

This is the first post on this blog, using WordPress. I’m Aki, currently working at a public Junior high school in Japan...