I want to be a Minimalist

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I went to a real estate agent to look for an apartment. There is one great affordable apt. I am planning to move there. That place is located quite close to the gym (about 200 meters). Now I commute to my house, school, and the gym almost every day, and it takes more than an hour. I can save time if I move there. Plus, the parking place of the gym is often occupied, I do not have to worry about it if I move there anymore. After all, asking a specialist is the best way to know a better option.


The room is not so big, and I think it will be a nice opportunity to practice minimalist life, which I have been wondering to try. Though I wanted to, I do not know how to do it yet. I am going to try and error a minimalist life, which suits me.

The Word “Minimalist”

I thought “minimalist” is the word to describe a person who lives a simple life but is of a different origin. I also mixed the word “danshari(断捨離)” and minimalist. I found minimalist means “minimal” and danshari means optical. In that sense, I would love to practice danshari style but I am not sure if people abroad see the difference. The Japanese article below explains the origin and tips, though unfortunately, the original reference has been deleted.

第25回 ミニマリズム | 続 10分でわかるカタカナ語(もり・ひろし & 三省堂編修所) | 三省堂 ことばのコラム
どういう意味? (生活・芸術などで)最小限の要素だけを用いる様式・手法・スタイルのことです。 もう少し詳しく教えて ミニマリズム(minimalism)は英語で「最小限である様子」を意味する minimal(ミニマル)と「主義」を意味する ...
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