Reading the Book The Power Output

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Listening to the Audiobook

 I use every day on the way to my work place.  I usually listen to books which I do not have, but oh man 3 special I found the book The Power of Output by Sion Kabasawa.   I’ve read this book before but listening to this poker game I got several findings.

One Trigger to Start this Blog

One big reason why I started this blog is reading this book actually. The author emphasizes that it is really beneficial to output something to enhance what I learned, especially writing a blog. According to research he quoted, we should output 70% and input 30% and this is the best percentage to learn something.   

Limited Time

This is also what he mentioned that we should limit time when we write something.  In the book he mentioned 15 minutes is enough. So today I tried to make only 20 minutes to write this blog. I personally think 20 minutes is not enough for me to write but I tried.

New Style of Writing

To write more in a short time, I tried to use voice recognition. Actually using voice recognition in English is nice way to learn the language.  it is more accurate than I expected but sometimes it has mistakes. I wonder if it is because of my pronunciation or because of the function.  Still most likely it is faster than I just type.


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