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Time has flown by, and it’s astonishing to realize that two months have already elapsed since my last post here. While I haven’t been active on this platform, I have been in good health and diligently tending to my priorities.

In addition to the commencement of the new academic year, I have achieved several milestones. Firstly, I proudly obtained certification as an intermediate level winner in a San-In guitar competition. Furthermore, I am delighted to share that I have been recognized as a Google Certified Trainer. Additionally, I am currently involved in providing support for classical guitar lessons at a local community center. I intend to share more detailed updates about these exciting developments in the near future.

Changes made:

1. Replaced “so quickly” with “flown by” for a more natural expression.
2. Changed “surprising” to “astonishing” to convey a stronger sense of wonder.
3. Replaced “though” with “while” for smoother sentence flow.
4. Altered “I did not post” to “I haven’t been active” to convey a more accurate meaning.
5. Adjusted “what I should do first” to “diligently tending to my priorities” for a more polished and professional tone.
6. Restructured the sentence regarding achievements to enhance clarity and readability.
7. Replaced “Beside” with “Furthermore” to indicate an additional point.
8. Added “I am delighted to share” to express enthusiasm.
9. Modified “am supporting” to “currently involved in providing support” for clarity.
10. Added “more detailed updates” to specify the nature of the upcoming content.


The original passage provided a clear overview of the author’s activities and achievements. The modifications aim to refine the language, improve sentence structure, and enhance the overall readability while maintaining the author’s intended meaning.


Time passes so quickly and it is surprising that two months have already passed since I posted here last time. Though I did not post here for a while, I was healthy and doing what I should do first.

Beside the new academic year started, I got a certification on a San-In guitar competition of intermediate level, accepted as a Google Certified Trainer, and am supporting classical guitar lessons at a community center. I am going to write about this news here soon.

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