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Deep Lとは

Deep Lとは、翻訳ツールです。すごく正確だと言われています。

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今日の記事をDeep Lを使って英訳してみます。Deep Lの英訳は非常に正確で素晴らしいという話は時々聞いていましたが、実際に使ってみたのは今回が初めてです。少し使ってみただけでもかなり精度が高いと感じています。
最近はIELTSを受験したり、Google Certified Innovatorコースに応募したりと、英語を使う機会が多いので、もっと高度な英語力を身につけたいと感じています。英語を “正しく “使えるようになりたいと感じています。
また、一度表示された英文をクリックしてみると、他の訳の案も表示されました。これを活用すると類義語辞典を引くような使い方ができると思います。すごいですね、Deep Lって…!


I’m going to translate today’s article into English using Deep L. I’ve heard from time to time that Deep L’s English translations are very accurate and excellent, but this is the first time I’ve actually used it. Even though I have used it for a little while, I feel it is quite accurate.
Since I have been using English a lot lately, such as taking the IELTS and applying for the Google Certified Innovator course, I feel that I would like to acquire a more advanced level of English. I feel that I want to be able to use English more correctly.
In this sense, I feel it makes sense to use a service that translates sentences written in Japanese into English. When I write in Japanese as I think of it, I get English sentences that I can understand and think, ‘Is there a way to say it this way?’ Or I get English sentences that I think are a little different. I am also very interested in the cases where it translates accurately into English and the cases where it is difficult.
Also, once I clicked on an English sentence that was displayed, other suggested translations were also displayed. I think this can be used like finding other words from a thesaurus. Amazing, isn’t it, Deep L…!

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