The Result of Practice Questions on TOEFL Speaking and Writing

person writing while using phone English
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I took the practice questions on TOEFL speaking and writing in edX.

Speaking Section

My score range was fair (18-25). It was not so difficult to find what I should speak in the lectures or conversations but it was challenging for me to deal with how to say in English. Especially, I often got murmured, using fillers like uh, hmmm….

I felt feeling that I cannot find words I want to say. If I overcome this, I think I can get higher score. I want to be more fluent and I felt I need more confident talking in English.

Writing Section

My score range was good (24-30). It was the highest category in four. I felt happy with it. I am not sure, however, how much score I would get from the range. Since I want to get more than 100, 24 is not enough.

Writing was less challenging than speaking for me since I have more time to check and think. Still, I felt I have limited vocabulary range and I wish I could use more.

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