Practicing a Duet Song with my Friend

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room English
Photo by Gustavo Borges on

Once in a while, I practice the classical guitar with a friend of mine at a community center.  We are going to play a song at a Christmas festival in a local place next weekend.

The friend plays the guitar much better than I do and he sometimes teaches me how to improve my skill.  It helps me a lot learning how to play.

This time, I did not play well in the scale section in the song.  He taught me that I tended to play faster there.  I paid attention to play it and I finally realized it.  It is difficult for me to notice that kind of mistakes alone and I am so grateful that I have a friend who enjoys playing the guitar.

I am going to perform in a solo too. I will practice and try to make my playing better.

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