Winter and Frozen Windshield

closeup photo of red car near concrete wall English
Photo by Stas Knop on

It’s been getting colder lately, and the windshield of my car gets frozen when I go to work in the morning. It always happens in the winter, and I turned on the car’s air conditioner and waited until the ice melted. Time in the morning is precious, so I did not want to wait for the 10 minute time to melt it. Having said that, it would be dangerous to leave as is, so I was wondering what to do.

It was a day around November. My boss and I happened to be chatting about how it gets cold and the windshield of the car freezes over. At that time, I was told, “Then, you should buy a spray for that, it will get better soon.” I’ve never used it before, so I was wondering how it works.

At a later date, I found a car freezing spray at a home center. It was about 300 yen. I bought it immediately. However, although I bought it, it got a little warmer for a while, and the windshield didn’t freeze.

About a week ago it got cold again. I think winter is finally here. I tried using the spray. The ice melts quickly and you can drive your car. I wish I had known about it sooner.

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