Visiting a Zoo

five parrots perched on brown wooden surface English
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

The Only Zoo in My Prefecture

It was a very hot day. I went to the only zoo in my prefecture with a friend of mine. He loved animals and has lived here since he was born but has never been to the zoo. There was no reason not to go there. I have no idea when was the last time I visited there, surely been there several times.
There were few people, maybe because of the temperature or maybe because of its populailirty. We got there around two pm and some animals were lying on the ground in their cages and looked very very tired.


In the zoo, I found a very unique cage for Human Beings. We can get into the cage to take photos. It might become a great place to take photos to post on Instagram. (I do not have an Instagram account though.)

They also have an interesting UFO catcher. Usually, they give us toys or other “good” things when we win the game but it was not. It was for chimpanzees in the cage next to the machine. We can get food for chimpanzees and chimps come by the machine when people start playing it. They know they can get food.

Otters are cute too. They swim in the pool above us.

Otters above us

I enjoyed having time there and maybe go again someday.

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