Spring Clean

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Cleaning at School

In Japan, students clean school almost every day, and there are several osoji (long cleaning time) days in a year. At my school, we have 15 minutes of cleaning every day and 50 minutes of cleaning every end of the school term. Today, we had the biggest osoji in an academic year. We cleaned everything, from ceiling to floor, and also waxed. Having students help to wax is very unique in the world, probably. 


I guess most schools will be waxed at least once a year. In this year, we waxed corridors and stairs in winter and classrooms today. We waxed twice in the classroom so that the classroom looks better. I did it with eight voluntary students. Waxing is not an easy task but it was fun to do it with students. I am not sure what kind of experience is useful in their future and hopefully someday the experience to wax classrooms will have some meanings.

How to wax

(1) Take the dust in the classroom.
After sweeping, remove the dust with rubber tape or the like.
(2) Wax with no unevenness.
Apply wax in one direction. Check from various angles and paint so that there is no unpainted part.
(3)If you apply it twice, you may apply wax in a different direction.
By doing this, you can avoid unpainted areas and unevenness.
Open the windows and ventilate so that the wax dries as soon as possible.
Cleaning the mop can take a lot of time, so using a rag and waxing with it. THen it will get easier to clean up.




日本では、生徒はほぼ毎日学校を掃除しており、年に数日大掃除(長い掃除時間)があります。 私の学校では、毎日15分の掃除と、学期の終わりごとに50分の大掃除があります。 今日は、大掃除がありました。 天井から床まですべてを掃除し、ワックスをかけました。 学生にワックスを塗るのを手伝ってもらうことは、おそらく世界でも珍しいかな。


ほとんどの学校は少なくとも年に一度はワックスがけされると思います。 今年は、冬の廊下や階段、そして今日、教室にワックスをかけました。 教室の見栄えを良くするために、教室では2回ワックスをかけました。 私は8人の有志の学生とそれをしました。 ワックスがけは簡単なことではありませんが、生徒と一緒に行うのは楽しかったです。 彼らの将来にどのような経験が役立つのかはわかりませんが、いつか教室にワックスをかける経験が何らかの役に立ったらいいなあ。



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