Starting Writing Diary 

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The Old School Yard, Southwark by David Howard is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

As time goes by and I start writing my blog here, I feel like I would like to write in English and more personal topics.  Partly because it gets harder to find “topics” to write about. Also, some senior teachers showed me their professional notebooks which they wrote their lesson plans for last week.  It was very inspiring and I wondered how it helps teachers to develop professionary.  Since I write daily here, I thought I should start here.  Also, some of my close friends who usually use English ask me how your days are going and I can only say “Good!” due to limitation of my language and preparation.  I would like to change the situation too. 

The school performance is coming this Friday and we are preparing for the event now.  I scheduled two school hours to prepare for it today.  Students are willing to work on and I do not have a lot to do, well I want to “help” them a lot but it is not always beneficial for them. All groups managed to show their performances to me today.  Some groups do not spend enough time and their presentations are too short.  I am worried about how they could make it longer. 

Since an event comes close, some students are exicited and do not calm down enough.  Teachers need to understand their feelings and should tell them what they should do and what they should not.  In Japanese schools, (I am not sure about schools all over the world), decipline is very important.

After all classes, teachers had a weekly meeting and had to work on moving some school facilities. It was so heavy and I wondered if we could throw it away. That facility, though we rarely use it, has to be moved before/after any school events to make space in the gym. 

Actually, I had no idea what it was in English, and I looked for it.  It is wall bars.  I used google image with terms “wall bars school.”  I found out exactly what we moved today.  It was funny to learn new words using that. 

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