Review on November 2022

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November is over.  I am thinking of writing my blog mainly in English again.  Writing this monthly reflection in English is actually my first trial.


I could not update my blog daily last month due to doing other things.  Also, writing in English is more challenging for me, takes more time and needs more attention to write correctly. 

Roughly 5000 PV was recorded this month as other months and most viewers are from Japan. As I write in English, hopefully more people will visit worldwide. 


I got more overwhelmed with my job this month. I left some work to do every day and it gradually cummurates day by day. It is a hand to mouth operation. 

I know I should prepare for lessons more but so far I cannot.  I am wondering if I should manage my time better and think about spending some time at my classroom to do my work there. 


I spent more time playing the guitar this month. I feel less stressed to read music scores these days and it made me happy. It is a good habit I think. Since time is limited, it means I have less time to use here on my blog.  It is getting difficult for me to get up early in the morning too.  I need to think how to spend my time.

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