Practicing Simple Etude No.2, by Brouwer

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
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Now I am practicing an etude by Brouwer, a prominent guitar composer. These days I am surprising how reachable more materials are online (and many of them are free.)

My Playing

I recorded a video of my playing this time. The song is technically not so difficult but when I consider how I want to play it, it gets much challenging.

Lesson Video

It has been easy to find many guitar playing on YouTube, and surprisingly these days there are some lesson videos available as well. I found one video of the song I practice.

Interview & Tonebase

While I browse those videoclips, I found interviews of Brouwer and e-Learning of classical guitar. It is really nice to know the intentions why the composer make these etudes.

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