Ordinal Days of a Japanese High School Teacher -A Case of Myself-

I wanted to write of my ordinal days.  Considering readers all over the world, I found I should refer to the data of working circumstances in Japanese school.  It is shocking though.

Japan's overworked and underpaid teachers
The nation's school teachers are in dire need of better working conditions.

I will start writing my impression and the reality from my experience from tomorrow, and today I will write my case.

I wake up at 5 am and study English and other language (currently Chinese).  I cook, get dress and commute to school by car.  It depends on traffic but usually takes about 30 minutes. 

I get to school around 7:20am.  Our working hour starts at 8:20 but I usually arrived at school one hour earlier.  Many students have their club activities in the morning and come to school around 7:10, so few teachers come to school much earlier.  I open doors of the floor of my grade for ventilation, clean the staff restroom voluntary, and start preparing a new day. 

Students have to come to school by 8:30 and I have to be at my homeroom by that time.  We have reading time and short homeroom, and the first class starts at 9am.  Students have 6 classes a day, and I usually have 4-5 classes.  When I have no classes, I check students’ homework or preparing for classes or school events.  We have school lunch together.  We also clean school before students go back to school.  All classes are done at 4:10pm. 

Most students have club activities again.  I coach volleyball.  Depending on the season, it finishes at 5pm in winter and 6:30pm in summer.  Then many teachers still work till around 7 or 8pm.  The working hour is by 5pm by the way.  Also as you can see from the article, we do not get extra money. 

Then I go to a gym to work out.  Barbel press and swimming are the reason for me to live haha.  I get off from the gym around 9pm.  Go back home, have dinner and sleep around 10:30.  Yeah it is busy, and I will write some Japanese school system and my impressions of the article from tomorrow.


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