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I finished TOEIC and came home. I haven’t taken TOEIC for 4 years. I aimed for more than 900 points, but I am not sure if I get higher score.


It was difficult to listen to the short English sentence of Part 2 and choose the corresponding one from the three. There were many problems that I inadvertently missed and thought that they were all different. I wish I could have practiced more to choose with elimination.

I was able to continue reading Part 3 and Part 4 at a constant rhythm. I felt that it would be good to follow the rhythm of reading the next question while reading the question. Again, I sometimes found the answer while listening, and sometimes missed the English text while filling it.


I didn’t have enough time to read because I hadn’t practiced a whole test. I think I read passages too carefully. If I read it speedier, I think I’ve done the part in time, so I felt that there was room for improvement in the time allocation.

I was able to solve the grammar questions and the blank fillings. I didn’t understand a few questions about verb usages, so I think I need to study more.

I read the problem sentences after reading the articles and English sentences, but it probably not suited me. In Stusup, Mr. Seki said that he reads the question sentence later, but this seems to be effective for him because he takes the TOEIC test many times and can guess what would be asked in questions.


The two-hour test is still tiring. I don’t want to do anything anymore today …

I might have done the whole reading parts if you allocate time in consideration of fatigue. Anyways, I took the exam. I will let you know the result later.





Part 2の短い英文を聞いて,それに対応するものを3つの中から選ぶ問題が難しかったです。うっかり聞きそびれたり,どれも違うんじゃないかと思う問題が多かったです。間違いなくこれってやつ以外の,消去法で選ぶような感じの問題に対する練習をもっとできたらよかったかもしれません。

Part 3とPart 4は一定のテンポで読み続けることができました。設問を読んでいる間につぎの問題文を読んでおくというリズムでいくと良いと感じました。これも,リスニング中に答えが分かってしまうことがあり,それを塗りつぶしている間の英文を聞き逃すことがありました。残念。








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