My History of Classical Guitar

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
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Why I started Playing the Classical Guitar

I entered a university to become an elementary school teacher in the future.  It is better if I can play the piano to become one in Japan, and I thought I should start playing it.  But I wondered two things at that time.  First, it not is very “unique” if I play the piano some as an elementary school teacher.  Second, if I start playing it from my age, it is less likely to be an excellent pianist.  Then I found out that guitars are cool, well known and even more unique.  I decided to play the guitar.

At first, I read through friers of clubs at my university.  There were some clubs to play the guitar but most of them are for bands.  What I wanted to do in a guitar club was to sing and play even alone, and I looked for one I want to belong.  Then I found the classical guitar club.  It seemed perfect for me to learn how to play the guitar and the frier said some people sing with a guitar.    

Difference from What I Expected

I joined the classical guitar club on campus, but classical guitar was different from what I expected.  There was a place to learn “classical guitar”.  People there play the guitar pretty well but not sing with a guitar.  They mainly only play the classical guitar.  Plus, playing it was by far more difficult than I thought.  Well, actually since I was so innocent about playing the guitar, I thought it was natural.  It was much later that I found what I learn was finger style and it is more difficult than just playing chords. 

Meeting Good Friends

Though the club was not what I expected, I did not think about not going there.  It was just because there were so many nice people.  One senior student there is my current classical guitar teacher now.  I think I was really lucky to have those nice friends there.  I got along with them and enjoyed playing the guitar by the time I graduated from the club when I was a junior.  All junior students were supposed to graduate on the annual concert to seek for their career.  I sometimes remember how good I had time there.

Not Playing the Classical Guitar for Six Years

Due to focusing on my career and interests shift to other languages, however, I stopped playing the guitar after I graduated from the club.  I did sometimes play it a bit, but not like I used to.  I had wanted to practice more but I had other things I wanted to do.  Time flies so fast and six years has passed by the time I decided to play it again.  Now about half a year has passed since I started playing it again.  That’s all for today.  Why did I play it again?  This will be on different post.












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