Making a Clay Art with Children

Elementary School/小学校

A Clay Art

I had art classes with children and since there was some materials for teachers as well, I made a clay art together. Not all students are always ready for making clay arts and I think it may help them to make their own arts if his/her teacher makes one at the same time.

It is “Guanako”, an original imaginary creature. It lives in a mountain and can fly. It is as big as a small puppy and has a long tail. It blows the fire and makes peoples’ hair curly. It does not have teeth in order not to feel hot when it fires. It bites and scratches like kids feels itchy.

Imaginary Creature

The theme of the art class was to make an imaginary creature from the name of “Guanako”. It does not mean anything and children imagine where it lives and how it looks from the sound. Some of them created cute animals and some of them made like dragons. We draw a sketch of the creature on the previous day and did a cray art. We are going to paint them with markers next week.

Clay Skills

Since we did it in art classes, we want children to learn some clay skills, for example, knead, extent, make holes and combine. It is also important to make it solid.

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