Tokyo Olympics

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Tokyo Olympics has finished. It was the first Olympics held in my country for me. Though COVID-19 restricted many activities, it was much more interesting than I expected. All sports and performances of athletes were moving. I enjoyed watching their games every day. In particular, I had a great time watching baseball and soccer. I wish the men’s soccer team would have a medal but they were so close to getting one. I hope someday they will get a medal.

Baton Pass

As a teacher, I wanted to show pupils 4×100 meters relay to tell the importance of collaboration. Unfortunately, Japan dropped its baton and could not finish the race. Still, I know there are a lot of things to learn from their process until the day and performance on the day. The Sports Day is planned for October and they have a relay in their grade. Not all children love running and some are good and some are not. If all of them work hard and do well on baton pass, my class should win the relay. I want to win with the collaboration of all children.

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