Good App to Learn Foreign Languages and My Ambition

Language Learning/外国語学習

Duolingo: Language Learning Application

Now I learn Chinese with Duolingo at least 5 minutes.  Duolingo is a great application to learn languages.  I have completed two language courses so far; Russian and Spanish.  I passed 3rd grade of Russian proficiency test provided by Japanese Russian Language association and I would have never passed it without the app.  Surely, I have so great Russian friends who encourage me to keep studying and I would love to mention several of them, but not this time.

The application has still been updating and its functions motivate me to studying. 

  • Small Step

It provides so many quizzes from easy to difficult.  Each step is not too high and we can reach higher language level as if we take small steps.  Even though some language feature is difficult or complicated, quantity wins.  Gradually we will grasp some idea of the character answering those quizzes.

  • Gamefication

We can “play” the application like we play games.  It has levels and we can get higher level with studying a language.  I do not always feel I “study” a language, but just play for fun.

  • League System

It has weekly league system and if we get good score in a week, we can go to the higher league.  In the leagues, we can compete with other players.  I have used Duolingo for 7 years and it used not to have the function.  It really makes me keep studying harder in order not to drop a league.  Since I study for TOEIC and post on this blog, I do not take much time using the app and sometimes fail to lower league these days though.

  • Free

What I cannot forget telling is that Duolingo is completely free.  I know many e-learning systems are reasonable but still we have to pay.  Being free is great because we just need to create an account to try it and we do not have to worry about money even if we want to stop it.

  • Reminder

I rarely got benefit from this function but it sends notifications or emails to remind us to keep track.  Once we start playing it and set, it is difficult to “forget” studying with the application.

My Ambition

Under the GIGA school program, my students will have tablet PCs individually from this coming school year beginning from April.  I would love to use Duolingo in classes.  Actually, it has “classroom” function, of course, that it free.  I do believe it helps students motivate and keep learning.  I would love to try it if it is possible.


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