My Ideal Goal of L2 Learning

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I wish I could command a second language as fluently as my first language, Japanese. It has been my ideal goal since college. 

I wrote some passages in Japanese and saw what suggestions or comments ChatGPT presented to me a few days ago. Surely, it gave me a list of changes mode and comments. Unlike that in English, the suggestions are not that useful for me and I chose what I should pick or what is not. Though there are some plausible ones, I felt I could think of similar expressions.  

In English, it is a different story. I took almost all the advice because all of them are pretty good and I felt I did not think about them. That is the gap of my language command currently.

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My ideal goal has always been to achieve fluency in a second language, just like I am in my native language, Japanese. I have held this aspiration since my college days. Recently, I wrote some passages in Japanese and received suggestions and comments from ChatGPT. While the English suggestions were highly beneficial to me, the suggestions in Japanese were not as helpful. I had to carefully consider which ones to incorporate, as I felt I could come up with similar expressions myself. However, when it comes to English, it’s a different story. I accepted almost all the advice because they were excellent, and I realized that I hadn’t even thought of them. This highlights the current gap in my language proficiency.

There are room to improve varieties of lanaguage use and terms.

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