Not Be Able to Take an Exam

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On Sunday, I was planning to take an exam on Japanese History 2nd grade. Unfortunately, however, I could not make it, due to a heavy stomach ache.

Since I started working, I have been suffering from a stomach ache once in a while.  Through my struggle, now I can guess what causes my pain; climate, work and too much alcohol (insufficient sleep).  It tends to happen around the end of school term and I have to deal with grading and making materials, which make me very busy. Also, it is usually when seasons change and climate changes a lot.  Those two factors are inevitable and I cannot change.  

The last one, I can manage; do not drink much alcohol and sleep enough.  Actually, I usually try but the World Cup made me excited and I broke the rule.  

Once it gets worse, it usually takes about a week to get better.  I wish it could get better soon.

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