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photo of person holding a bible Language Learning/外国語学習
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I want to learn Spanish to be more fluent and to take a Spanish Proficiency test. I’ve found that I am better when I use e-Learning system and I am looking for Online Language Learning Site.


Dele is a Spanish Proficiency test and it shows person’s Spanish proficiency worldwide. Though there is a test issued by an association in Japan, I think it is better to take ones provided by the countries in which the language are spoken, like HSK, not 中国語検定.

In Japan, however, there are very limited places and time to take DELE, three times in a year at central cities in Japan. Furthermore, it is more expensive than スペイン語検定. I am wondering to take it when I got B1 or B2 level.

DELEスペイン語検定試験日程・申し込み期間. セルバンテス文化センター東京.

Global Exam

Global Exam is one Learning Course online. It offers free trial and I checked it out. I took its placement test in Spanish. The PNG below is the result:

It made me happy though it is not realistic, because I cannot really write and speak Spanish. Since スペイン語検定 is grammar focused and I am not good at it yet, but I felt I have a chance to show my Spanish proficiency with this test.

Duolingo Stories

Duolingo is always continuously updated. Now it offers Stories in English-Spanish Course and at the end of the stories, we can summarize the passage. I hope it helps me write in the language.

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