The Result of TOEIC

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Surprisingly I got the result of the TOEIC test I took last month. It was much earlier than I thought. The result was 880 out of 990. That is a lower score than I expected. I felt disappointed with the result but I understand that I needed more practice for the test. Anyways, it was a nice experience to take an English test like students do.

Was My English Skill Declined?

My best score on the TOEIC test is 895. I got it when I was in graduate school and just came back from the US. I did not prepare for the test a lot and I took one to check my English proficiency. In that sense, my English skill may decline. While I used stusup for the test, however, I felt my English was getting better. I can say that my English reached a similar level of what I was used to. I need to keep learning English if I want to keep the level. 


I am not planning to take the test again for a while because the TOEIC test is not my goal now.  But it is a challenging test and I really respect those who take the test repeatedly to check their English level. After the test, I regretted that I should spend time better. I spent too much time reading each passage. I think I could save some time if I take the test several times. Someday, I will come back. 









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