English Songs for Club Activities at School

chords sheet on piano tiles Elementary School/小学校
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am in charge of English club at school this year. I chose four songs to sing with students together. They want to sing “Let it go.”

Let it go

All students know this song and many of them have watched the movie, “Frozen”. This is a very catchy song and the song is famous in Japanese too.

Country Road

Country road is also not so difficult song and nice to choose singing at classes. This song sometimes is introduced in English textbooks at junior high school.

Also, in one Ghibli movie this song plays an important role and partly because of that this song is very famous in Japan.

Over the Rainbow

The magic of Oz is popular in Japan too. The theme song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is well known and good to pick as a song to sing at classes.

Day Dream Believer

This song is played in Japanese most well-known convenience store, Seven Eleven. Until student listened to the popular melody they do not get what this song is but soon they enjoyed listening to this song.

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