New Trial -Study Logs on YouTube-

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I am going to start posting my study logs on YouTube as a New Trial.

Self Introduction

I am Aki, working at a public elementary school in Japan. I started my blog in 2021 and have mainly written about Education and my study log, language learning and classical guitar.

Here, on YouTube I will post my videos as my study logs, willing to make it frequently. Since this is a part of my hobby, I do not show my face here, but I really appreciate that you watch my clips.


I started my blog in 2021 and have been surprised with how important output is to master what I learn. I am now getting more comfortable writing something in Japanese, my native language. This is as if I bought a new camera, taking photos with them, I mean I can see and describe more vividly and clearly as I could.

I took TOEFL test last month and while studying for the test, I felt very struggled with the gap that my output skills was not enough to write/speak what I want in English. This is very similar feelings with the one I had(have) felt when I started my blog.

I decided to post videos for the reason, and I will talk about my study logs for output and language practice. For a while, I would love to speak in English but depends on its contents.

Video Clips

Here is a video I coincidently watched today and explain why output is important. It exactly supports what I wanted to say. His lecture was simple; output is important to master something; learn, reflect, implement, share. I think posting on YouTube meets all above.

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