Changing Strings of the Acoustic Guitar

Classical Guitar/クラシックギター

I got a secondhand electric acoustic guitar and I need to maintenance it. It was the first time to change its strings.

Compound Strings

I bought compound strings because a friend of mine told me that the tension is similar to that of the classical guitar.

The photo above is the same model I bought. It was about 1000 yen from I guess it is cheaper in

How to Restring

I checked how to change strings of acoustic guitars on a blog. Since I change strings of classical guitar, this guidance was enough to change it.


This is another accessible link in English:

How to Restring an Acoustic Guitar | Guitarbitz
Acoustic guitars are not the easiest to restring. From jammed bridge pins, strings that can prick your fingers and parts that can disappear! The process its sel...
  1. Remove old strings.
  2. Push the bridge pins up from underneath.
  3. Put new strings to the holes and push down the pins.
  4. Stretch guitar strings to avoid strings to break.
  5. Tighten the strings using the pegs.

I wrongly turned the strings to clockwise from first three strings. Partly because of that, the first string was broke. It is very disappointing and the step 3 is vital I learned.

Sound and Tension

Since the previous strings were so old, the sound got clearer. I got surprised how different the tension is now and it gets much easier to play. Not only people familiar with playing the classical guitar, but also beginners should start with the strings I thought.

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