Wondering to Change My Lifestyle

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I am going to change the gym and the new one opens 24 hour. It has sauna and free Wi-Fi. I am thinking to workout in the morning.
4:00 Write Diary and Blog
5:00 Breakfast
5:30 Going to the Gym
7:00 Leaving the Gym to School
I did it for three days and so far it works. I have found that I need to go to bed earlier (by 9:30 and by 8:30 if possible). I will try if it works for me for two weeks.

Place to Live

It takes 15-20 minutes to go to the gym and I feel it would be more convenient if I live near the gym. Now I have live with my parents since I worked as a teacher. It could be a good point to move out and I surfed the Internet to see some rental houses. I just need place to park and sleep, and I wish I could try “minimal lifestyle”. Small place is okay to me.
I browsed mainly two sites below. I felt excited to imagine if I live those apartments. Only making myself happy, seeing those houses is interesting. Also, those sites may be convenient people who want to live in Japan.

My Priority
1. With Parking
2. Close to the Gym
3. Reasonable Price

不動産・賃貸・住宅情報(マンション・一戸建て)ならLIFULL HOME'S【ライフルホームズ】
日本最大級の不動産・住宅情報サイトLIFULL HOME'S(ライフルホームズ)。賃貸物件も売買物件もお好みの条件であなたにぴったりの物件や情報を探せます。不動産用語集や住まい探しに役立つノウハウなどの情報も満載。
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