Review of this Blog in June, 2021

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More Viewers

In June, more people visited this blog, mostly from Japan. I feel glad that about 2000 people came here and this blog is growing. I kept posting articles every day.
However, almost no one had found this blog abroad via searching. I changed the filter of Google Console and there are only three viewers. Plus, most frequent queries were in Japanese and I guess people living abroad happened to find some of articles. I would love to have more viewers from foreign countries.

One “Killer Contents” of this Blog

There is one “killer content” on this blog. About 80% of people from searching visited the article below. It is written about evaluation. Due to implementation of the new Course of Study, Japanese schools have to evaluate students from new criteria. It seems that many people need a new excel file for the new evaluation system.

Leave “Write a Comment”

I wanted to communicate with people on this blog and put the “Write a Comment” section, but I am going to leave it due to a lot of spam messages. I occasionally had some but these days I had more than 300 spam a day and I do not want to delete them every day. I will put inquiry form soon and please feel free to contact me.

Five Articles in English in June

I have written five articles in English last month. To keep posting articles every day, I am wondering to make topics to write. I have not decided what topic on what day yet though. I am going to write at least one article in English in July to visitors abroad. You can find articles in English (or English below) from the section of Other Languages/English.

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